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Exclusive Services

Hello and welcome Uvalde, TX families. Our hearts are grieving with you through this time of loss. We have looked at dozens of photos, read pages of stories, and seen multiple videos all telling us about your loved ones, and through those different mediums we have grown connected to each one of them. We can only ever feel a fraction of the heartache those who knew them all personally are feeling right now though and with that knowledge we  hope that we can provide a small piece of beauty to you all during this tragic time. You, your families, your friends, and the entire community of Uvalde are in our hearts and minds daily as you begin healing. 

Please view the selections on this page and choose how you would like to enjoy your florals forever. We want these pieces to be representative of your loved one. Please feel free to reach out to us over the coming weeks and tell us about them! We want to know their favorite color, their quirks (trust us, we are a quirky bunch!), we want to hear about their favorite blanket or stuffed animal! Over the next few weeks we would love if you want to mail us small trinkets that you would like to have added to their pieces. These could be small handwritten notes, a favorite coin, a lego or small character figurine, even a wallet sized photo. We want you to look at these pieces and see your loved one in them. We will use whatever we can of what you send us and anything that is unused will be returned to you. 

We are truly honored to be able to memorialize your loved ones in such a special way. 

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated! 

We have also provided the option on our shop page for you to sponsor a project by purchasing a gallon of resin. 

These 3 items are the free selections for the donations. Limit of one per family.

These items may be purchased from our shop at a discounted rate by family and friends who had flowers delivered - Promo Code Required 

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