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Get to know the girl behind the bouquet.

Hi, I'm Emilee and I'm so happy you're here!

I have bright red hair to compliment my eccentric personality. I certainly have never met a stranger. I'm married to this cute blonde. Her name is Ashley and we have two precious girls together. Gentrie Wylder and Rouzie Caroline they are our whole world. I have a heart the size of Texas and will always do what I can to help anyone in need, human or furry. I strive to be the best mother and role model that I can be for my girls and hope to pass my love of floral arts on to them one day.

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Your forever bouquet is a click away.


All about the journey.

With a variety of options at all price points, I have made this space so that everyone can preserve a piece of their wedding day within their personal budget.​


The preservation process begins when your bouquet arrives in my hands!

Step one is to open face preserve the flowers to be used in your piece, this process takes 5-10 weeks depending on moisture. Once your flowers are completely dry, I will begin casting them in UV resistant resin where they will stay beautifully preserved forever.

Preserving flowers in a press takes 7-10 weeks depending on what method is being used, I generally have to deconstruct larger flowers prior to pressing, putting them back together perfectly can take quite a while, if you have a pressed piece we ask you keep this in mind.  

While resin blocks and pressed frames are the main focus of EmaginationDesigns, I also offer Cinderella style shadow boxes, flower petal jewelry, and several other add on items. 

When placing your order please be sure you have added your event date to the notes section. Bouquets must be in my possession within 4 days after your wedding or other event to begin the preservation process in order to guarantee a beautiful final product.   

Since all orders are custom made we will need to be in touch after your order is placed.

We will be contacting you via email from once your order or request form is received.

I can't wait to help you preserve your bouquet forever!

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